PT Truba Garda Piranti is one of the companies in the group of PT Truba Jaya Engineering, engaged in the service of rental of heavy equipments and machinery for construction work, and also carries out the scope of rigging engineering works and heavy lifting.

We also handle some areas related to company main businesssuch as steel fabrication, earth moving works, reclamationworks and trading of materials.

Working in the hazardous areas, Safety and Quality is our main concern and shall be implemented in all working areas as it’s also priority of major Customers to serve with competitive prices.Hence, we doing continuous program of people development by giving variety of training program to adapt the fast growing of Rigging Engineering & Heavy Lifting and equipment with the latest technology.

PT Truba Garda Piranti is ready to cooperate with partners, to support and contribute the success of infrastructure development throughout the Republic of Indonesia territory or abroad. We are ready to “handling” and “lifting” materials and equipments, safely, in timely manner as part of our commitment “We are ready to serve you better”

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